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Vardhan Agrawal is the author of Mastering Machine Learning with Core ML and Python and the founder of TheOpenCode Foundation, through which he aspires to bridge the digital divide. Not only does he tinker with new projects and ideas, but he also makes it possible for others to do the same by teaching others to code. Vardhan is a part of the tutorials team at Kodeco (formerly, Envato Tuts, Heartbeat by Fritz, and freeCodeCamp.


Vardhan has a keen eye for subject matter that's timely and relevant, and he's technically skilled and versatile, which gives him the ability to tackle any content challenge he takes on.

Austin Kodra Heartbeat by Fritz AI

This kind of attitude will end economic inequality and that is what we need in our country. My respect and admiration.

Alberto Bordalo Supergiro Distribuidora

Governments don't seem to care at all about digital inclusion, and in a way, Vardhan's initiative could even provide a future sustenance for members of families from low-income backgrounds.

Luis Felipe Praia do Açai

Vardhan's book is a great entry point for anyone wanting to learn machine learning from zero. Basics for iOS are covered but if you come with some coding experience it would be a breeze. Loved the examples.

Wilson Muñoz Mobile Alert

The BP-Lytic is a novel cuffless blood pressure monitoring system that Vardhan created to be accessible in a durable watch form. The next Apple Watch or Fitbit…but for patients!

Thomas Edison Foundation

All this is done without a cuff and has the ability to continuously monitor blood pressure around the clock, yes even during your sleep. This is super important when trying to anticipate strokes and heart attacks.

Lois Whitman-Hess DigiDame

Vardhan is an expert in his field. He did an amazing job solving with the problem that was posed. He listened to my concerns and then communicated his results in a clear and easy to understand manner. He was a pleasure to work with and I would rehire Vardhan for any project.

Marcus Hilliard Client

Hired Vardhan, due to the fact that he displayed deep techincal expertise when I first talked to him. I had an existing fully functional iOS app that needed to be restructured, because of the fact that I wanted the concept changed up a bit. Vardhan was willing to go above and beyond in giving me some very good ideas as to what would be best for my techincal situation, as I'm not techincal. Uncovered a lot of flaws within the code that my former developer displayed and did everything to correct it. He worked hard and often to make sure everything was perfect and I was satifised with the result. Very intelligent developer that was really fun to work with. Also, a very good mentor that gives you a ton of knowledge as he builds out your project. I definitely would love to work with him on next project. Great job Vardhan.

Darryl Callender Client


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With over 317 pages of hands-on content, Mastering Machine Learning with Core ML and Python teaches you to develop AI-based apps for iOS and train various types of ML models. Stay tuned for the update in November!


Explore what people are tweeting about Mastering Machine Learning with Core ML and Python, and join a vast community of incredible students. Have a question? Simply tweet me @vhanagwal.


Learn about some of the ways I’ve been involved in solving some of the problems I’ve seen and faced on a daily basis, whether it’s monitoring light poles or helping astronauts out in space.

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    I’m a self-taught software developer and have actively been making contributions to the machine learning community. Not only do I tinker with new projects and ideas, but I also make it possible for others to do the same by authoring in-depth and easy-to-follow technical tutorials.